Sinful Night : A Fiction Kahaani Short Story



It was just for this one night. Ira knew this was the first and last time she would be allowed to perform the act, that too if she dared to. We as humans have a tendency to be attracted to things which we are supposed to stay away from by all laws of the society.

        Growing up in South Mumbai, Ira was never a complacent girl. She always believed in achieving her dreams and striving continuously to make them a sparkling reality. But neither her education nor her so called “social circle” was helping her. Tonight, she tried to make all her cravings go away, but failed miserably. With sweat running down her spine in the air-conditioned room, her intense craving was increasing every minute. The clock struck 1am and lying in her bed she turned to her right, only to realize that the bed was empty. Feeling a gush of breeze against her neck, for a moment she felt good that the bed was empty, but she also knew it wouldn't be so for long. She had the strongest urge to run away but she knew very well that she could run but not hide. The greatest human struggle resides in wanting something desperately and at the same time powerfully avoiding it, because you know the thing of your obsession can only harm you.

Sinful Night : A Fiction Kahaani Short Story

        The night was getting colder and darker and as rightly said by someone the darkest acts are performed when no one is watching. A table stand beside the bed was home to a few pain killers and a bottle of mineral water. Ira sat up straight and gulped down half a bottle of mineral water to calm her nerves, the minerals did not help much to satisfy her urges but it helped to calm her down a bit. She was feeling helpless and driven against the wall, because the more she tried to stop thinking about it, the more it haunted her.

She could now imagine the pain she would feel later if she submitted to her cravings now, but that hardly mattered in front of the sinful pleasures. The pleasure of getting your cravings fulfilled is second to none. She could now feel his weight on her, the imagination itself suffocated her. He would not show any mercy on her body, she knew; she very well knew. She decided, just for the last time before the night ended, that she would do it even if it’s sinful. Even if the society did not accept, it was her body and she took a stand that if anyone had a say about it then it would be her.

She rose up from the bed and with calculated steps started walking towards her destination. It was dark but she knew where to find her reason of guilt. Entering another room, she opened a door. A pathway every model hates, a door to the darkest sin a ramp model can execute. She took out a knife from a nearby rack of knives and just then someone switched on the lights.

The brightness of the lights blinded her.

"Ira, are you out of your mind?" The voice screamed at Ira

"Give it to me, tomorrow you have your final rounds. Don't you want to win post everything you have suffered and sacrificed?"

And Rati, Ira's Miss Gorgeous India contestant-cum-competitor cum-room-mate took away the sinful cheese burger and the knife which was supposed to cut the burger into half.

Sins are nothing but a product of our perception and known realities. 

What may be a sin for you might be someone’s lifestyle…

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