Mysterious Smile : A Fiction Kahaani Short Story


Sometimes you fall in love with a person, sometimes a personality and many a times it’s just a simple smile which makes your world go round. Among st the crowd he noticed her beaming smile; he could spot it even from a distance. Her smile was so enchanting that it could mesmerize even the loneliest of the souls on this planet, it was pure magic. Her lips pressed against each other were creating an illusion which was beyond explanation.

It was his first visit to Paris, though it was a professional commitment which brought him to the city of romance; Siddharth squeezed out a little time to immerse into the beauty of the city. Anyone who has been to Paris will agree that the city is filled with a different kind of romance all together; the air smells different, the people are warm and the shops are full of brands which are at disposal of every romantic guy wanting to impress a girl with little souvenir of love.

It was past five in the evening; he had just finished his business meeting. While guiding his senses through Paris, he found himself in front of the most beautiful eyes and smile he had ever seen. These were exactly the kind of eyes and lips which transcends any man to poetry. He looked at her from a distance and moved towards her briskly making sure he did not stare at her directly, but he couldn't help doing so. To his amusement she was looking at him with those mysterious eyes and a mellow smile. With a host of Italians around him, Siddharth tried looking away because he did not want to get into any kind of trouble in a foreign city. People around might judge his intentions wrongly and he might well be behind bars for creating discomfort for a lady, a beautiful lady indeed.

He looked away from her, only to realize that she was smiling at him. His heart skipped a beat; he moved around and changed his location. Siddharth was a very quiet guy, introvert and on the verge of being called a nerd. It was only natural that because of his personality or the lack of it, seldom did any girl or a lady smile back at him; or to think of it Siddharth had never smiled at a lady before. This was his first courageous act and being smiled back at was a treat for him. Humans are restless and greedy and so was Siddharth for just one more glance. Thus he again sneaked a look at her and she appeared more mystical and still smiling, now it seemed like she was mocking his situation with her mysterious smile; his helplessness to do anything else but just stare at her beauty may be was the reason for her mockery. He now tried to ignore her, but it only made him miss her smile more. Siddharth found himself standing there staring at her beauty with admiration and respect.

This encounter turned Siddharth “The Nerd” into a hopeless romantic, because every time he looked at her, her expressions seemed to portray a different story altogether. At times she appeared relaxed and smiling, while at times she appeared mysterious.

It was past seven in the evening and he did not realize it was two hours since he first saw her.  It was now time to go back to his hotel for dinner which was more than an hour away. He got himself into a cab and reached his hotel. After eating a surreal Italian meal, he decided that the day after he will again try and visit her; the lady with a million dollar smile. That night Siddharth could barely sleep, all he kept dreaming about was about was her smile and those eyes which introduced him to the concept of love so drastically for the very first time in his life. He couldn't wait for a whole day to catch a glimpse of those eyes. So the next morning after finishing his work formalities, he saw her again when he visited the same street or to say she found him; again staring at her. He could not believe how someone could be so beautiful, with spotless skin and that enchanting smile; she sat there like an angel waiting to bless someone.

Hours past and he just could not understand what exactly about her was pulling him towards her, again and again. The next day Siddharth had to leave for India, before that he wanted all his friends across the world to know whom he had met and fallen in love with. So he logged on to his Facebook account and updated his status –

"In love with Mona Lisa and her smile..."

Some masterpieces make you fall in love and Mona Lisa is one of such mystical creations.


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